An Xscape room is the newest, recreational, social, and fun activity designed to challenge your mind to solve puzzles and clues.  This will incorporate team building, family bonding, critical thinking, and an overall adrenaline rush.  Each room is designed differently, where the end result would be Xscaping the room in some form or another.  How fast can you Xscape? Which group of friends or family members could you assemble to have a great time?  Need an icebreaker with a group or even just one person?  The Xscape Room is the answer.





The Skeleton Key

Skully has returned with a VENGEANCE.  Vowing to be atop of the Bone Throne again, Skully has provided very limited clues for this year's Xscape.  Retrieve the broken pieces of The Skeleton Key and Xscape within the hour, failing to do so, results in being added to the Bone Throne.

Guards Vs Prisoners 

An inmate has Xscaped and the whole prison is on lockdown.  Choose your side: Guards or Prisoners, whoever gets out first, locks up the other group.  Who will prevail and who will be jailed?

The Custom Room

Have a special event coming up? Share it with us.  We can provide a custom Xscape room for Birthdays, Wedding Parties, Family Reunions, Work Groups, You name it, we can do iit.  Contact us for more details.

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